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We’ve moved to SugarWOD

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Starting Monday October 1st workouts will be on SugarWOD and available by clicking the WOD button to the right.

SugarWOD is an exciting new tool to help you track your workouts!

SugarWOD makes it SUPER EASY to:
* Input score
* Search completed workouts and benchmarks
* View demo videos related to the workout
* Track your attendance
* Receive gym news
* Share some fist bumps and cheer on your gym buddy

Download SugarWOD to log results, prepare for the WOD, and encourage your fellow athletes. Both Android and iOS apps are available. Find them and download at It’s FREE to you, our member. 😊

To add CrossFit Barrie as your gym you will need a password. Ask Margo or one of the coaches for our secret code. 😉

We look forward to seeing you on Sugar WOD.