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At CrossFit Barrie, we’re in the business of changing lives through CrossFit here in Barrie. So when we hear great member stories like these, we literally box jump for joy! We hope you’ll be our next success story.

  • Sarah H.

    In September of 2015, my boyfriend and I moved from Toronto to Barrie and immediately set out to find our new CrossFit home. After trying out 2 boxes in the Barrie area, where we experienced gym owners who stood by the front desk talking to his family member during a 17-minute WOD and an owner who encouraged members to add weight to their barbell while showing poor form, we were nervous that our time of CrossFitting was over.

    I decided to email CrossFit Barrie, and within a few hours received an email back from gym owner Ashley asking us when we could come in for a consultation. As soon as we walked through the door, we were greeted by one of the coaches who introduced himself and shook our hands as Ashley came over. We spent over 30 minutes talking to Ashley about what we were looking for and our experiences at the 2 other boxes in the area. We didn’t feel rushed and felt we were truly being heard. We signed up that day and have never looked back.

    CrossFit Barrie is hands down the best in Barrie and best bang for our buck. Coaches know everyone by name, are very knowledgeable and push you through that “I can’t go on” or ‘this is really heavy” mindset during a WOD. Stop by CrossFit Barrie before you check out any other CrossFit boxes in the area.

  • Stephanie B.

    I have been going to CrossFit Barrie for almost three years. As a former collegiate soccer athlete, I do best in a group/team settings, where there is a coach to direct and guide me through my workout. I love the fact that I can show up to CrossFit Barrie, the workout is already in place, and the coaches and members in each class push me to be my best. I am continuously learning and improving because the coaching at CFB is top notch. The coaches motivate me to push a bit harder and take risks, but also understand when I need to back off and rest. The variety in the workouts challenges me but keeps me motivated.

    I used to attend group classes at traditional gyms, but I never made any friends like I have at CFB. This is one of things I enjoy most. Walking into CFB and being able to talk to several different people about their day, their family, or anything. You really get to know people here. I love the diversity of our members and meeting new people from all over Barrie.

    My time at CrossFit Barrie is about getting stronger, becoming more fit, and being around great people. I enjoy the fact that each class has a range of people who work at their own level, but in the end, we all finished the same thing. For me, this is what being a team is all about. The staff and members at CrossFit Barrie are what keep me coming back each day, and it is one hour of my day that I really look forward to.

  • Trevor V.

    CrossFit to me is an all-body workout that combines strength, endurance, and cardio in series of exercises with great variety. The variety keeps me interested and makes every workout a different kind of challenge. One day you’re pushing yourself to lift more than you ever have, and the next you are seeing how fast you can move in 5 mins. Or maybe both in the same workout.

    When I first joined, I didn’t know how much I would enjoy it. But the variety day-to-day and within each workout makes it more entertaining. Add a little competiveness by pacing with someone who is better than you, and you get close to feeling like you are competing and playing a sport.

    I joined in late September and started classes just after Thanksgiving. I have been attending 3 classes a week except for a 10-day period when I was sick.


    Physical – I lost 20 lbs. in about 8 weeks and have been able to maintain that, all through 3x a week without dietary changes. All my clothes are too big as well! Noticeable change in how I feel, more energetic, aware of how my body moves, better sleep, and way more endurance, stamina, cardio for my recreational activities such as hockey. My 5K time when I started was about 38 minutes, two weeks ago I ran it in 31:30. My legs were the limitation, I was not really out of breath (cardio) and likely could have kept working out.

    Mental – More positive self-image. Aware of how my body moves, and cognizant of how I lift things outside of the gym – picking up my daughter, moving things, even as simple as picking up a piece of garbage. I really struggled with back pain for many years, and by strengthening my core and learning how take weight from the ground to whatever height with proper technique has helped me dramatically.

    Next steps – I am now looking at how to improve times, technique, weight etc. The drive to improve is now making me look at my diet, weekend habits, because I want to improve, because I want to, not because I think I should go on a diet.

    You still need to want to be there and want to improve, this is key. Like anything in life, you can put in as much or as little effort in a workout as you want. But this is all you have to bring to the table – the desire. You don’t need to buy equipment, plan workouts, look at what to do each day, this is all done for you. Show up with your head in the game and you will improve, guaranteed.

  • ThreeBest Rated!

    “Handpicked Top 3 Gyms in Barrie. How can we actually say this? Our 50-Point Inspection includes everything from checking customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust and cost to the general excellence.” Says Three best rated. CrossFit Barrie was honoured to place first overall. We are thankful for the recognition and will continue to do our best to be our best.

  • Garnet J.

    Prior to cross fit my body morphed from previously being a fit and capable person when I was younger to an aged and grossly overweight older adult. I felt terrible but as we all do, started to get used to my new, fat, and disgusting body. However I wanted to change this and get back into shape, for many reasons. The gym no longer worked for me, nor did my treadmill. I lacked motivation and drive to stay with my own exercise plan for any meaningful length of time. I ultimately was looking for a new way to train, get in shape, obtain meaningful results, while enjoying the process. Cross fit exceeded all my expectations in every way. I am still training 4 times per week (can’t get enough of it actually) and have lost over 40 lbs and am physically 20 years younger than when I started 3 years ago. And this does not include the mental benefits that unexpectedly came along with my newly earned fitness. Sounds too good to be true but it is!!

    I keep coming because of the RESULTS! Among many other things that I simply enjoy about the program. Not only have I lost a ton of weight, gained considerable additional muscle mass and strength, and am 20 years younger in a physical sense, but I sincerely love the workouts and time in the gym. Crossfit is addictive in a positive sense. It provides a Runners High times 10! And a whole bunch of other benefits in life that comes with being physically active and fit.

    The advice I have provided my friends who ask is to try it themselves and see for themselves. But they have to commit to getting through the initial stages, especially if they have lived a sedentary lifestyle over the past decade. The workouts were initially extremely difficult, many times uncomfortable, and I can see how many older out of shape people would not last more than a couple weeks. But your body quickly adapts making the workouts more manageable and that is when the fun really starts. New members have to get through the initial stages. Its not easy but its worth it in the long run.


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