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Attendance Challenge: December 11th to January 14th

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The goal of the challenge is to help keep our members (that’s you) on track over the holidays. We know that it is easy to lose time for yourself when the holidays come around but working out and staying consistent will help you chill out, be less stressed, and keep on track with their goals. Life and holiday happens every year, that does not mean it is a time to let all your hard work go down the drain.
Every time that someone comes in for a class they get one ticket into the draw (including Open Gym, OLY Class, and Back to Basics). We will have two buckets that people are placed in, 3x per week and unlimited (to reflect our two membership types). This will allow each person the opportunity to control their own success. The more they show up for class consistently, the more likely they are to win the prize.
We are firm believers in setting your goals based on things you can control. You cannot control how much someone else trains, but you can control how you prioritize your time, booking your classes in advance, making a commitment to your time at the gym. For that reason this challenge is about you, your efforts, and rewarding those efforts with another opportunity to win our kick-ass prize pack.
THAT’S NOT ALL. Every person that signs up for the challenge will receive a “starter kit” supplied by BOSS Supplements which includes: 1 small shaker cup, a BCCA sample, and a protein sample.
THERE’S MORE… on Monday December 12th at 8:00pm we will be providing a FREE nutrition seminar about how to manage holiday eating for the best outcomes, just for signing up.
You will have from December 11th to January 14th to accumulate as many tickets (or get as many classes in) as possible. On January 15th, two names will be drawn, one from the 3x per week bucket and one from the unlimited bucket. Each winner will receive.
Custom Nike Metcons
CrossFit Barrie Merchandise
Bikram Yoga passes
Share the Health Gift Certificates with Cafe of Life
BOSS Supplements Prize pack
Gift Certificate from Avocobar
This is an opportunity to help you stay on track, stay consistent, and reap the rewards in the process.
Sign up at the desk or by emailing Nicole,
Happy WODing!!