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Striving for Health

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We are blessed to have so many amazing people walk through our door every day. Each one comes with a story, a drive, and a motivation for being there. We are very thankful to help meet our members where they are at each today and hopefully allow them to surprise themselves, reach their goals, and move forward.

Jackie is no different. She dedicates her time at the gym to keep her body as healthy as possible for whatever comes her way. She uses the CrossFit mantra of preparing for the unknown and the unknowable more than most.

Jackie shares her story with us as a reminder to prioritize yourself and your health, ALWAYS.

“As I look at my calendar through to the end of December, I’m sure you will all agree we are in full-on Xmas season mode. In my work, I’m responsible for the Canadian business for a medical device company. I travel a lot. Despite the stress, I love the work. My workouts help me keep this perspective. Regardless of the daily grind you’re living, I believe that the one thing that should never be short changed is exercise and good health. That means committing to regular exercise, and eating well regardless of the demands of life.
As most of you know, I was diagnosed with a rare form of Colorectal Cancer in November of 2014. I was 48. This was one year into my discovery of, and love for, Crossfit and the CFB community. I underwent Chemo and Radiation, with the plan for a “big surgery” to remove the cancer. In March of 2015, when I had responded so well to the initial treatment, we decided to hold off on the surgery and monitor. So, as soon as I had recovered enough, I came back to CFB. Exercise again became my primary source of stress release, relaxation and therapy. Thank God for my daily WOD’s!

Unfortunately, more recently my oncology follow-up has uncovered that the original Cancer wasn’t really gone. This was always the risk of not moving forward with the surgery. At the time, we all felt it was worth the “wait and see” since, I’m healthy, fit, and responded well to the treatment. Even if the cancer did return, we have options. So this is where I’m at. It’s a bit different than the last time though. The cancer is smaller, and localized. So I have time on my side. Exercise has never been so important to my state of mind and I’m thankful for it, especially with Christmas around the corner.

So for now, I’m completely focused on bringing the fittest version of me into my upcoming surgery. When I come back, I know I will have the support of this fantastic gym and its coaching staff as I regain my strength and fitness. Like the last time, coming back to my workouts will be like returning to normal. It will again be my ultimate stress reliever. I look forward to it.”